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Income Tax Services

Our main business in income tax services.  Prices start

at $50.00 which includes free electronic filing and free

direct deposit



I-90 Application to Renew or Replace a Permanent Resident Card


Per the USCIS instructions, if your permanent resident card is about to expire we can help you file the necessary forms to renew your card.  Or if you lost your card we can help you obain a new one.  $75.00 plus immigration fees.


DACA or "dreamers"


Per the USCIS Press Release and Memo, Deferred Action for Chldhood Arrivals, or "dreamers," or DACA was canceled by President Trump.  It is now up to Congress to act on implementing new laws to help the Dreamers.  Lets pray that Congress acts!


VAWA / Violence Against Women Act


Per the USCIS instructions, in certain circumstances, a person who is or was married to a U.S. Citizen, or Permanent Resident, and was a victim of physical or mental abuse, can obtain Permanent Resident Status.  $75.00 plus preparation of supporting letters, translations, and online occurance fees.


Military Personnel and Family Application.


President Obama signed an Executive Order called Military Parole in Place.  This order allows certain family members of military veterans or military personnel to more easily apply for Permanent Residence. 


U.S. Citizenship

Per the USCIS instructions, Application for Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship).  If you have been a Permanent Resident for 5 years (or 3 years if married to a U.S. Citizen) you can be eligible for U.S. Citizenship.   $75.00 Services plus immigration fees.

Application for Employment Authorization (Renewal)

Per the USCIS instructions, if your Employment Authorization Card, "work permit," is about to expire we can help you renew it.  $50.00 Services plus immigration fees (if applicable)

Check your case status


We can help you check the status of your immigration application at the USCIS website, or the Department of State Website.  Bring in all of your immigration paperwork and we can printout the current status of your application.  Online occurance fees and copy fees can apply.


I-130 Family Application


Per the USCIS instructions, the I-130 is the central application used for all family based immigration applications.   It is used to apply for your husband or wife, children, parents, and/or brothers and sisters.


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